These Colors Don't Run and Never Will!

(NOTE: This is merely a start page and will be updated as listings are added.)

Welcome to the 630 Meter Market Place. Listings are free for those who design and build and sell equipment, accessories, and components for the 630 Meter Amateur Band. Whether it is a production unit, kit, components, or one-off equipment sale, it can be listed here. Each individual lister will establish their own relationship with the prospective purchaser and payment process will be between the parties involved. This website and owners accept no responsibility for the products offered, except those offered by the owners of the website.

To get a listing, please e-mail 630meters at 630meters DOT net, with contact information. We will be happy to either build or copy a brief description of the item(s) offered or even build a suitable page for anyone who does not have an existing Internet page. If you have a page, a link in a pertinent category will be placed.

Why is this service being offered at no cost? Simple. The owners of this website want to see 630 Meters grow and prosper. In the admittedly unlikely event that the website gets a lot of traffic, some commercial links pertaining to Amateur Radio will be considered as a source of revenue.

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